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Restaurant software is a broad category of solutions that simplifies and responds to many aspects of a restaurant's activities. It includes software and hardware such as point-of-sale systems, inventory management software, and other custom-built solutions for leveraging technology and enjoying the consequences of the digital age. Online ordering, billing and invoicing, feedback management, CRM, reporting, and analytics are all possible with these.
Karni Technology proffers a restaurant app development software solution in US which provides a variety of customizable restaurant management system software that allows businesses to increase revenues by automating every process. Start taking orders online and expand your consumer base by becoming digital.

Our services

POS Systems for Restaurants
Customized POS software from Karni Technology to how you operate your food truck, whether it's a cafeteria that requires table and kitchen administration or any outlet that requires rapid invoicing.
  • Payment processing solutions POS development
  • Solutions for billing software
  • Integrations with third parties
Restaurant Billing Software
We aim to streamline your billing process. Optimize your billing and accounting procedures with feature-rich restaurant billing software designed just for your needs.
  • Billing and invoicing module that is tailored to your needs.
  • Systems for online billing and invoicing; and billings apps for mobile phones.
  • Connectivity of the payment system.
Inventory Management Software for Restaurants
Make inventory management systems and administration a snap. Create advanced restaurant inventory management software that makes inventory management a breeze.
  • Software for stock and material tracking
  • Software for commodity tracking
  • Software for prediction and analyzing and dashboard for analytics and reporting

Add AI to your existing contact center technology.

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