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Native applications are those that are created specifically for a system, such as iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Native apps follow distinct principles for each system and may readily use all of the capabilities and services provided by the device and its operating system, such as local databases, geolocation, push notifications, and the camera. Around the world, Karni Technology is also the native app development agency in the USA and other countries.

Native App Development Services

iOS app development:
Providing the best iOS app development software , Karni Technology has put together a team of the most innovative and competent iOS developers that can quickly turn your business idea into a sophisticated product. Because of its known brand, user-friendly UI, perfect attractive design, and excellent performance, the iOS platform is chosen. Apple products are regarded as the best for corporate use while also providing excellent entertainment options.
01. The creation of a user experience (UX) and a user interface (UI)
Designing the User Experience for your upcoming app is the first step. We undertake extensive research on your target demographic and, based on the findings; build a description of your possible user persona. This explanation will demonstrate which solutions are the most appealing. We will make sure there is a lot of interest in your upcoming app on the market.
02. Design for the web
We follow the iOS Human Interface Guidelines while designing an iOS app. We use technology such as Apple's 3D Touch to improve the app's User Experience. This gives your app's UI a completely new degree of interactivity.
03. iOS Programming
Our iOS app developers will integrate all of the aesthetic aspects as well as the technical features of your future app, providing you with not only an app but also a full back-end system that will strengthen your business.
04. QA
We will ensure the app is free of bugs and ready to go on the market. We fully test every app piece on a variety of devices, including the most recent iPhone and iPad versions, and receive a great quantity of feedback from various users about their overall app experience and the issues they encountered while using the app.
05. Publish the app
We will ensure that your app is authorized on the App Store within the shortest time possible, thanks to our experience publishing iOS apps: • Examining all potential defects and performance issues • To achieve a strong UX, analyze input from various testers. • App description and metadata are being optimized in compliance with Apple's app store standards.
Android App Development:
Karni Technology has a lot of expertise with Android application development which makes us the best android native app development company in the UK. We create custom Android apps of any complexity and scale, including educational platforms, corporate apps, Uber-style apps, puzzle games, automobile control tools, and more. From the original design to the final release and upgrade, our Android app development firm will take care of your app, assuring Omni channel client experience while suiting your business domain and budget needs.
01. UX/UI
The process of developing an Android application begins with the creation of a user experience. We meticulously build user profiles to achieve the greatest quality UX, ensuring that your app will be in high demand on the market. We go over it with a fine tooth comb to project the most precise scenarios that describe how your potential user would interact with the app's UI. As a result, we are able to meet all of the potential user's demands in the most efficient manner.
02. Design for the web
We will create an Android app design that is personalized to your target demographic while also taking into account basic Android UI patterns to ensure a pleasant app experience. Furthermore, due to the huge range of Android devices, we guarantee that your app will run flawlessly on devices of all sizes and screen resolutions.
03. Android programming
Our skilled Android app developers will code all of the specified features and combine them with the app's visual look, or user interface, to provide you a product that will help you grow your business.
04. Testing and Google Play release
Our professionals examine even the tiniest problems that have crept into the code. We put the app through its paces on all of the most popular Android smartphones. You may be certain that your product is error-free and delivers a positive user experience after the testing stage.
05. Google Play release
Your Android app is now ready for distribution. We publish it on Google Play and provide all essential marketing services so that your app achieves thousands of downloads right away.

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