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Education Software Development creates excellent eLearning solutions. We've finished specialized software solutions for a variety of technical institutions and publishing businesses, allowing them to give preventive education and training to a huge number of individuals. Karni Technology produces and builds applications that assist the education and publishing industries in using the potential of the online and mobile technologies to their advantage, ranging from e-learning online and mobile-based tools to knowledge-sharing platforms. Karni Technology is also the educational software development company in Canada.

Services for Education Software Development

Transform instructor-led training to a cloud-based, customizable learning management system to streamline learning and growth. Keep track of how learning affects important KPIs like interest, persistence, and skills. Arrange internal and external learning activities for diverse audiences, contrast training goals to corporate performance, and expand your learning operations.

Forums for Digital Publishing
With the rise in prominence of mobile devices digital publishing channels have gained traction. Digital material is gradually displacing physical content. From the first seconds, publishing systems provide a positive user experience. Content development, dissemination, and progress reports are all made simple, allowing you to go beyond traditional publishing techniques. The popularity of digital publishing platforms may be attributed to features such as collaboration and statistical generating, as well as interactive components and security.
Learning Management System
Learning management systems can also benefit from digital platforms. LMSs are software systems that let individuals learn, organize, create, modify, and grade courses and assessments. They aid in the tracking and documentation of learning successes and progress when conducting training courses and programs in learning management. The online system is also used to administer tests and distribute assignments. Both those who educate and those who are educated benefit from learning management systems as it simplifies the teaching as well as learning process.
Platforms for social publishing and eLearning
With the increasing prevalence of everything being accessible on the internet, on mobile devices, and on computers, learning has to go online as well. People are becoming more aware of e-learning platforms as they are no longer confined to their particular city, nation, or continent. Everyone interested in enhancing their expertise has access to materials from across the world thanks to social publishing and e-learning platforms. One of the advantages of adopting such platforms is that each course may be taken an unlimited number of times while lowering learning and development expenditures.

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